Madden NFL 21: MUT adds LTD Ultimate Legends Dan Marino.

Madden NFL 21 continues to receive new content even if the NFL season has already ended a few weeks ago.

Specifically, the game has welcomed players of the highest level that all users can add to their teams to improve them considerably, since we are talking about true football legends.

The excellent defender Night Train Lane has received a card with 97 OVR points that is ideal to strengthen the defensive phase of your team with a player who proved to be one of the best in the history of the league in containing the attacks of the rivals.

However, most of the spotlight is on the arrival of a new card from Dan Marino. The legendary QB now has a 97-point OVR card that is far better than several of today’s best QBs and is easily on a par with the also legendary Tom Brady.

This group of players came to the game on February 27 and are already available in the Auction House of the game with a very high price.

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Marino’s best attributes are 97 points of Throw Power, 97 points of Throw Under Pressure, 96 points of Deep Accuracy, and 95 points of Short / Medium Accuracy.

In addition, a new card from Indianapolis Colts halfback Marvin Harrison has also been added. Each player will have their challenges with power ups and new items available to improve their performance on the field. The Ultimate Legends Boss cards all have 97 OVR points.

Currently, these cards can appear randomly in the game packs, but you know how complicated that can be.

Night Train Lane is in the All-Rookie Promotion.

Defensive Star Night Train Lane comes into the game with a new 97-point OVR card. His Autumn Blast item is one of the best cards of this season as it allows you to increase his attributes until he reaches 96 points of Man Coverage, 96 points of Acceleration, 95 points of Agility and 95 points of speed.

This card is also available at the Auction House at a very high price. In addition, in Store Offers you can find an All-Rookie Starter Bundle for 1,050 Madden Coins, a 90+ OVR All-Rookie Player for 9,250 Training, and 90+ OVR All-Rookie Player for 215 Trophies.

EA Sports also added new 23 cards for rookies.

EA Sports added recently a new group of 23 cards with the most shining rookies, including the G.R.O.A.T Jevon Kearse that has 98 OVR points in his best version.

Madden NFL 21 is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass.