The best of Wrestling Options You Simply Need to Read About

The rules set forth below are constantly changing, but they should be known and applied by all those involved in wrestling: wrestlers, coaches, referees and leaders, who completely surrender to it and fight honestly and fairly to the satisfaction of the audience.

Unlike other martial arts, where a victory is awarded after a knockout, freestyle wrestling is a contest between two athletes performing certain actions (grabs and throws, coups and trips, sweeps and other techniques) with the sole purpose of attaching both shoulder blades to the carpet, having achieved most victories. Let us get a view of Professional wrestling now.


The classics of the struggle are considered to be Greco-Roman, for whose “length of service” is thousands of years, and freestyle – for centuries. According to the latest historical data, starting from the 18th century, the British conducted wrestling bouts using hand gripping techniques and using legs for throwing.

In the same century, the struggle “moved” to where the settlers were striving, where it was called “grab as you can” for its democracy and freedom in using methods. Although in the New World the national form of wrestling received another interpretation, this trend originated in the student environment. There were rules that designated the basic techniques and elements of the new species, which, by the way, is very close to what is today called “free-style wrestling.”

And then it went, in 1904, such a new look like “free style wrestling” became an Olympic sport, in 1921 the International Amateur Wrestling Federation was created, and in 1928 Paris hosted the first European Championship. By the way, for the first time there was agreed the rule of participation from the countries of one wrestler in each weight category and elimination from the tournament after the defeat. However, the first world championship among “free-style wrestlers” took place only in 1951 after the creation of the International Federation of United Combat Styles (FILA). The functionaries have not forgotten about women: since the 1980s, women’s freestyle wrestling was recognized as a sport, having entered the Olympics program by 2004.

Fundamental rules

In accordance with the first rules, those who managed to squeeze the back of a vis-a-vis on the carpet won the wrestlers. True, it was subsequently introduced innovation, which states that you can win and by the number of points. In order to defeat an opponent, the wrestler has exactly 5 minutes. If during this time period “to extinguish” (to win a clear victory) or to achieve it by points (at least three) failed, the referee adds another 3 minutes. The fight will continue until the end, when one of the two wrestlers either makes a carcass or scores 3 points. In the stalls, the rules allow the opponent to overturn, using various grabs and grips, to act with their legs and arms. If the wrestler succeeds in receiving 5 points, he is declared the winner of the period, regardless of the score. “Freemen” prohibited any action that could cause pain or suffering, to force the opponent to surrender: beat on the legs or head, use asphyxiation and other methods that threaten life or injury.