3 Shocking Facts about Cockfighting you didn’t know

Although the world today has been a hub of technology, gadgets, and robots, some ancient sports have survived till the end. The famous forms of recreation such as horse-riding, poker, golf have become popular, but the charm of mega888 hasn’t yet left the minds of its enthusiasts. One such game is well known to many, ไก่ชน which involves the use of cocks as a means of entertainment.

Although it has decreased to a significant extent, yet the lovers do not cease to find a way of enjoying it. The game usually involves brutal fights between birds, and it requires blood and extreme brutality. There are a lot of factors that make this sport a favourite as it becomes a hub of gambling and related activities. However, specific facts might drop your jaws, continued below:

Spikes are the artillery of the fight

Yes, you read that right. Cocks involve in brutal fights, mainly due to the spikes that are pierced in them which act as their weapons. It is an important aspect involved as it makes the cocks fight harder for survival. The sight enthrals the spectators when these creatures look to fight till the very end. During the natural cockfights, often one of the cocks accepts defeat and backs away. However, in these instances within the ring, the feet of cocks are pierced, known as ‘gaffs’. These are used to prevent them from backing off as every time they move a lot, and it hits more in-depth into the skin. Thus, this makes the game go on for long.

Mutilation is a part of fight preparation

Before any fight, to get the cocks angry and ready to fight, parts of their beaks are sliced off. Some skin from atop of their heads is also sliced to make them more violent in their fights. It also prevents premature injuries during the battles. Hence, a bit of pain is induced to avoid the fights from ending too soon. It is a part of the years’ long tradition.

Only the toughest ones survive

Not any cockerels can be used for cockfights. Right from their birth, these cocks are trained for long durations of times under extremes so that only the toughest and strongest ones survive. These are the most ferocious ones. Eventually, both types die, one at some butcher and the other in the ring. However, enthusiasts prefer the ring more. Only those cockerels who are deemed good enough to fight make it to the ring. Where they are cheered and gambled upon. This is why the thrill always stays on

So the next time, some discussions about cockfighting occur, make sure you account for these facts that you’ve read here. The knowledge about these things can make you sound like the wittiest person in there. After all, knowing everything is a skill that very few can nourish. To develop it wisely and use it at appropriate places where it does not result in mishaps.