Why You Should Buy Wrestling With Disaster

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229865-wrestling-with-disaster-0-230-0-345-cropWrestling has been a high rating event for fans all across the nation. This sport has been a joy of entertainment for generations of families and friends. The sport of wrestling is a display of physical entertainment among the competitors, and they will go to extremes to get the fans attention. What you do not see is the behind the scenes of this fascinating sport. The tribulations and injuries that these athletes go through to put on a good show. The wrestling industry has its downfalls for wrestlers who have died along the way. The psychological abuse can take a toll on this industry and profession. This is real life situations that viewers do not see each week when they watch the extraordinary matches take place.
You can watch the real life of wrestling when you buy Wrestling with Disaster. This movie will show you the scenes that are rough and shocking to watch. You will feel the wrestlers pain when they get hurt permanently. I felt the desire these wrestlers’ felt when they reached their goals, and I understood their fear when they fell. You will understand the psychological impact the wrestling industry has on many of the wrestlers and how they coped with it. This movie is a cutting edge of raw behind the scenes footage of what wrestlers really go through.
Wrestling with Disaster explores the journey the wrestlers took to rise to the top. I had no idea the struggles they had to go through and personal relationships that got destroyed along with the way. This remarkable movie shines a light into the true lives of these men and women who work hard to put on a good show, and some have died do what they loved to do. There is raw footage of true events that changed wrestling lives forever. The heartache and exhaustion that these athletes endured are true dedication.

What is Wrestling With Disaster?

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wrestling-with-disaster-the-final-cut-792x1165-460x345We often see many documentaries coming out each year depicting different aspects of several different lives and other topics we could seem to know very little about. The same is true about the film “Wrestling With Disaster”. The documentary, made in the United States, was created to help depict the true lives of wrestlers and the world of wrestling in general. With the help of writer and director, Anthony Bruno, the nation is able to see what really lies behind closed doors for the wrestlers we watch each and every day during their matches, and what types of demands they truly face.

The documentary features a wide variety of different wrestlers competing in the sport today, such as Cory Kastle, Larry Sharpe, Kevin Sullivan, Lanny Poffo, and several others as well. Throughout the film itself, we see the vast array of emotions and demands, both physically and mentally, that each wrestler faces when trying to entertain the fans day in and day out. As said by Bruno himself, the film is also meant to act as a partial warning those who wish to some day enter the ring themselves and the dangers and demands that may lie ahead for them when pursuing this career.

While many individuals cannot even begin to imagine the depth and overall demand that wrestling takes for any person, this documentary film is able to get you about as close to understanding as possible. By exploring the difficult and tasking sport, you begin to feel empathy for each of the wrestlers who take on the challenge each day, both through entertaining the fans and meeting all of the physical backlash each day. This documentary allows the audience to truly take a trip inside the somewhat unknown world, and also helps us all to understand why each wrestler does what they do. A highly recommended film for all to watch indeed.